Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Mobile Device Article

A Mobile Internet Business On The Go.

When I started writing online I spent endless hours alone in front of a desktop computer.  I believed it was possible to create multiple steams of residual income writing online using free resources and platforms available on the web BUT  I never envisioned using a mobile device to help me reach the goal.  I also never took into consideration that mobile devices would be used by hundreds of thousands of people to browse the Internet daily. Generating revenue from active Internet users who access the web using a mobile device never crossed my mind nor did I ever see myself working without a desktop computer.  I started to write online in January 2009 and the thought of my Internet business going mobile never once crossed my mind.

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Using mobile devices such as an iPad, iPod, Tablet or Smart Phone gives me the freedom to work virtually anywhere.  When people hear Internet business the majority of people think that an Internet connection is always needed to get work done but that is not necessarily so.  When I'm on the train, waiting in a doctor's waiting room or on line at at a grocery store, I can rip out my mobile device and type away.  The foundation of my Internet business was formed writing content.  I can easily type content for a blog an article or my websites, save it to my mobile device and the next time I'm home working online all I have to do is upload the content to the web.  You would be amazed how much content one person can write throughout the course of a day.

If you're still reading then the topic of creating residual income must interest you.  Creating residual income using free resources available on the web should interest you because the opportunity to earn residual income online is a FREE opportunity that you can take advantage of in your spare time or whenever you find the time.  You can better your financial standing for the future throughout your busy schedule.  Starting and building an Internet business is a steady and gradual process but it is a process that turns into daily earned residual income.  Work you did yesterday, months ago or years ago can earn you residual income without working the Internet business daily.  Building a solid foundation to steadily and gradually work on it when you are on the go eventually turns into steady residual income.  The earned extra income turns into daily earned income and the daily earned income turns into steady daily residual income.

I now work on my Internet business virtually anywhere I can spare the time.  If  I don't have Internet access I can write content, take pictures or record videos and save it to my iPad, iPod or Smart Phone.  Having and using a mobile device has given me back so much of my spare time because I don't need to set time aside to work solely at my desktop computer.  I can work during weekend trips, (if I feel like it) on vacation, while waiting for the kids to get out of school, during long car rides, chilling at the beach or park or any time I have the time.  I now earn residual income everyday even if I don't work it everyday.  I did the time and now reaping the rewards from all the work I've completed since January 2009.

I guess this article was meant to motivate the beginners who feel anxious, eager or might feel the goal of creating ongoing residual income to be unattainable.  Creating residual income is an attainable goal and you can create residual income using free resources available on the web and doing it whenever you have the time.

I started this blog using an iPad3, wrote the content on an iPad3, uploaded the content to the web using an iPad3 but I was not able to add the Adsense Publisher ads, Chitika ads, and Infolinks ads using the iPad3 mobile device.  I can add a Gadget but I was not able to use the HTML Gadget to add a Custom Search Engine or ad codes I manually created.  Mobile devices help Internet entrepreneurs work on their Internet businesses 24-7 and I believe in the near future I will be able to do everything I can do on my desktop on the iPad3.  Tablets and mobile devices are being transformed to do everything a desktop computer can do.